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Thread: I hate my "Turkey Neck!"

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    Unhappy I hate my "Turkey Neck!"

    I hate my "turkey neck!" Please help me with my options, as I've heard about chin liposuction, neck lift and lipodissolve. Do these work? Has anyone had them? How bad does your neck have to look before you're forced to have a neck lift over the other less invasive options? I'm at my wit's end, so please help me out.

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    Unhappy I have a bad looking neck too! Help!

    Like you, I have a droopy, sagging neck and I'm looking for answers too. I don't want to have surgery, but it that's what it takes to get my old neck back, so be it. I can't wait to get some answers! Help!

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    Hey guys,

    My mother had a procedure done a few years back that left her neck looking beautiful. She didn't have so much of a drooping neck, but she did have heavy rolls. Not fat, just folds on her neck. Try searching for a physician on this site. Otherwise, we're in San Fran, so feel free to email me for a ref if you're in the area.

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