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Benefit Details for Plastic Surgery Patients

As a registered member of GMD, you will enjoy a plethora of benefits. Through GMD you can have access to our exclusive database of plastic surgeons. The flexible search options help you to find information to best fit your needs. But that's not all! Continue reading to find out more of the benefits GMD has to offer.

Benefits of using GMD- Your Global Plastic Surgery Directory

Use Our Authority. GMD has the largest, most powerful and comprehensive list of plastic surgeons worldwide. Our information is continuously updated to ensure that you have the most accurate and current information available.

Get Unbiased Results. Choose your surgeon with confidence. GMD operates an unbiased physician screening policy, allowing you full charge of choosing the right surgeon. This is a very important and personal decision for every patient considering plastic surgery, and we have constructed a range of comparison tools and resources for you to make the right choice. Among the many features, you can customize your search by location, gender, procedures, certifications, and much more.

Be Informed. GMD offers an array of information regarding plastic surgery. Whether you are researching a procedure, looking for before and after photos, or considering financing options, GMD is your one-stop-shop for plastic and cosmetic surgery. All information is compiled for ease of use, so you can safely and discretely research the facts the you need. At GMD you will stay informed with the latest procedures, methods, and resources - delivered from our global network of plastic surgery professionals directly to the comfort of your home.

Get Connected. GMD offers a social platform for you to build a personal community of plastic and cosmetic surgeons, as well as fellow patients interested in plastic surgery. You will be able to communicate directly with surgeons and other patients through our global forum, discussing and exchanging information on various topics. Just post a question and you will see a multitude of responses.

Experience Quality. GMD is committed to ensuring your peace of mind at all times with a dedication to ongoing quality assurance. We are constantly updating our website and improving our processes to better your experience.

What make us stand out from the plastic surgery crowd?

Unbiased database: GMD maintains the largest unbiased database of plastic surgeons. Our dedicated team regularly updates the GMD database, ensuring your search always returns optimal results.

Dynamic Tools: GMD offers a range of customizable search options to refine your search. You can find a physician by location, procedure, name, credentials, hospital, language, and/or gender.

Some key features of GMD include:

My Favorites: Save your search results, create a list of plastic surgeons and bookmark your favorites. This feature makes your favorite information accessible at all times. For example, if you search for “Breast Reconstruction” in Beverly Hills, CA and GMD generates an extensive list of plastic surgeons, you can save this list in My Favorites, and contact the surgeons at your leisure.

My Patient Profile: This unique feature helps you add personal content to your profile. Features of this section include regular updates from GMD, the ability to make profile information visibility to surgeons, and much more. Once you update your profile with plastic surgery procedures you are interested, GMD will send you information regarding those specific procedures.

My Messages: GMD has simplified the process of contacting physicians by putting you in touch with the world's largest database of plastic surgery professionals. Our confidential portal, My Messages, is a member's only email feature, allowing you to contact, save, bookmark, and research physicians directly. You can also communicate with other GMD members--creating a global forum of opinions, feedback, resources and support. Register with GMD today and start accessing these benefits immediately.

My Searches: This tool allows you to save specific plastic surgery search criteria, as well as all your plastic surgeons search results. The search criteria and its generated list of plastic surgeons will be stored for your future reference. You can save as many searches as you like, and re-search with the same criteria as often as you choose.

My Posts: GMD has an exclusive forum for members to discuss and share views related to reconstructive or plastic surgery. You can start a topic on “Tummy Tuck” procedures in Johannesburg, South Africa or ask for suggestions from other members on “Body Contouring for Women,” it's up to you! My Posts maintains a detailed log of all your posts in the forum, according to date of submission and comments of other readers on your posts.

Information provided is for general education about breast, body and face procedures as well as injectables and fillers. This information is subject to change and Global Medical Directory does not guarantee that it is accurate or complete, and it is not responsible for any actions resulting from the use of this information. General information provided should not be used as specific medical advice or recommendation and is not a substitute for a consultation and physical examination by a physician.